Would You Like to be a Healer?

Healing Course April 2014

You may have become interested in healing in one of many different ways. Perhaps through seeing a programme about it, or reading a book, or maybe by having healing yourself, or knowing someone who has been helped by it. One of the first things you may be asking is:

The fact is that everybody has the ability to heal, if they choose to do so. Most people do not choose to develop or use this gift, as they may be doing other things with their lives. But some may be feeling the prompting to develop this natural gift

Healing Course February 2017

Tutor Valerie Chiltonsmith with students on her February 2017 training course

The Signs

Some wish to develop as healers following a traumatic life change or event, which may have made them rethink spiritual values. Perhaps retirement or families grown up means more free time to devote to spiritual searching and service. There may be an emergence of compassion for others, and a need to do something to relieve suffering. Other signs are tingling and warmth in the hands, when a healing situation arises. If you recognise any of these signs, the path of healing may be right for you

The Facts

Healing is not 'glamorous' or lucrative. Dealing with sick people requires compassion and patience. The healer has no mysterious 'power' of his own, but is simply a channel for the healing energy to flow through him. No particular religious 'faith' is required, just a positive and loving attitude

How To Get Started

Basic Healing Course

To develop the healing gift fully requires dedication, personal motivation and self discipline. You may already be healing and helping others, and this is fine. But to learn more, and perhaps develop your potential more fully, you may like to consider joining one of the healing organisations, or undergoing some basic training in healing.

Here are ways to begin your vocation as a healer

A possible way of beginning, is to practise on a house plant, gently holding your hands above the plant, and mentally asking for the healing energies to flow (healing flows best when there is some idea of helping the plant in some way). At first you may feel little or nothing, but gradually, become aware of a warmth or tingling in your hands, as the energies begin to flow. Don't overdo it! But by small experiments such as these, you may build up enough confidence to feel able to help a sick pet, or a friend or relative, by simply placing your hands on, or near the ailing part. Always be motivated by compassion and a desire to help, rather than simply to practice or experiment

Meet the healing team and experience healing from different healers. For details of the local centres click here

To Train to be a Healer

You can either:

Healing Course Certificates

This will give the basic training to eventually lead you through further courses. These are your first steps on the path to becoming a fully qualified healer. After completing Courses 1 and 2 you may begin giving healing to family and friends

You may then choose to progress to Course 3 and 4 which provides healer qualification to UK Healers standards


Level 1. The Foundation Year (4 taught days throughout the year) teaches students to be competent to channel healing for friends and family

Level 2. The Qualification Year (includes 4 taught days throughout the year) provides healer qualification to UK Healers standards

Becoming a Student Member of the NFSH The Healing Trust or Omnes Healing provides insurance cover when healing and the support of an organisation, leading eventually to full registration as a qualified healer if you wish.

2017 Healing Course Certificates

As a student with either of these organisations you can attend the regular Student Support Meetings. Here you can meet other healers and have the opportunity to begin to practice healing

Healing Trust Training in Leeds

Introduction: Healer Training - is it for me?: 7th December 2019

Basic Foundation Course Part 1: 18th & 25th January 2020

Basic Foundation Course Part 2: 8th & 15th February 2020

with Valerie Chiltonsmith - details on www.innerlightworkshops.com. Please contact Valerie as soon as possible if you would like to book

For additional information on The Healing Trust please visit their website at www.thehealingtrust.org.uk

Omnes Healer Development Courses in Leeds

For the Omnes course content and dates go to omneshealing.com/learn-to-be-a-healer/spiritual-healer-courses

For course bookings email or phone 07930 115219


To discuss becoming a Healer further please contact us: